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   Halibut Photos

These halibut went for halibut.net tackle.


You can catch lingcod too!

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  John L. Beath's halibut picture show. Harpooning halibut

Halibut picture show #2. More halibut

325-pound halibut

Average-sized halibut

100-pound halibut 

67-pound halibut

Pulling 124-pound halibut over rail


Trophy halibut 

Shark-hook halibut

Filleting halibut

Large halibut fillet

If you have a halibut shot you'd like to share we'd love to see it and put it on www.halibut.net so the rest of the halibut fishing enthusiasts throughout the world can get excited seeing halibut from different west coast locales. Please include your name, weight of catch, location and date. Click here to send your halibut fishing photos to the webmaster of www.halibut.net.  Thanks for sharing your images!

  The best image of the year will receive a prize, to be announced. 

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