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Halibut Fishing Tackle, Books, Videos, Underwater Fishing Lights & Halibut Scents

Halibut Fishing Tackle, Books, Videos, Underwater Fishing Lights & Halibut Scents

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UV & Glow Spreader Bars Attract More Fish, More Often! Click here for video demo <<<


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Brand New

AA battery-powered LED Trophy Torch with glow body

Twin Pack

$19.95 + $1 shipping 

Mix & Match  your twin pack


New Model LED Trophy Torch

3 times Brighter!

LED Colors. Select Your Twin Pack Colors
LED Trophy Torch Twin Pack

AA single battery-powered LED Trophy Torch. These wonderful underwater lights can be used over and over again. Research and experience have proven that light attracts fish and this single AA battery-powered light will help to attract more fish more often. Continuous light for 50 + hours. Depth rating: 1,500 feet.

Underwater Fishing Lights

250 hour battery life

Click here for more info


Diamond Lights.

Single Lights

$8.95 + $1 shipping 


Water-Activated LED Model UV or White

Light Colors
White & UV

Button battery-powered Diamond Light UV LED. This water-activated underwater fishing light is very small, just 1.5 inches x 1 inch. This light lasts for approximately 250 hours. This small light can be added to any lure or rigging and puts out a fish-attracting light.  Depth rating: 500+ feet

Underwater Fishing Lights

12 hour battery life with standard AA batteries

Great for Shrimp Pots too!


Single Lights

$21.95 + $1 shipping 


Super-Bright LED underwater light

NEW !!! This AA battery underwater fishing light is the brightest underwater fishing light ever made. It has several LED bulbs that s bright white light in every direction. Depth rating: 1,500+ feet.

Salmon Fishing DVD/Video from John Beath

$19.95 plus $4.00 shipping


Order now & receive a free Diamond Light





$25.95 plus $4.00 shipping


Order now & receive a free Diamond Light



John Beath's Secrets of the Pros video is a brand new instructional video that teaches anglers the art of using whole herring, how to land big fish, brine bait, sharpen hooks, tie leaders, fillet salmon, fish shadow lines and much much more. This DVD is a must have for salmon anglers! Just $19.95  plus $4 shipping.


"Underwater Secrets of Catching Halibut, Rockfish & Lingcod"

By Christopher Batin & John L. Beath, owner of halibut.net

Watch how halibut attack lures underwater & learn the secrets to get halibut to strike lures & baits




Super Scent was developed by halibut anglers for halibut anglers!


Super Scent

$7.50 Plus $1.00 shipping


Super Scent has the very best halibut bait ingredients including: Herring, Squid, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab & Octopus. Super Scent oil comes in a 4 ounce bottle of oil, tube of paste or a special "Soak" formula designed to penetrate and permeate into plastic lures. The oil can be used on all bait or lures; the paste works well on artificial lures like jigs, spoons, squids & skirts.

Paste, Oil & Soak formula for plastic  lures like the FAT Squids or Z2 Squids

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Z2 Squid Halibut Super Combo

Light Options

$99.95 plus $10.00 shipping Halibut Fishing Z2 Squid Super Combo (Good for 1 to 4 anglers!)

Everything you'll need to catch lots of halibut. The Halibut Super Combo includes  4 Trophy Torches, (you choose the lights)  4 high-vis UV spreader bars, 2 fully rigged Z2 Squids with J-hooks (Triple Glow,  & Glow/Orange), Two upside down circle hook leaders (Glow/White & UV) Super Scent Paste, Tuna cord , 12 pack large glow beads, two halibut clips & three large corkscrew swivels. These items sold separately would normally cost $125.30 including shipping. That's a savings of $25.35

UV & Glow Spreader Bars Attract More Fish, More Often! Click here for demo <<<

Halibut spreader bars. Halibut fishing just got easier with the creation of halibut.net's brand new, super hi-vis spreader bars -- the "Bright Bar" & "Glow Bar." These spreader bars out fish all others! Just ask Petersburg Sport fishing Charters. They use our spreader bar exclusively because nothing they have tried compares to the success they enjoy while using Bright Bar UV-enhanced custom halibut spreader bars.

As you lower the spreader bar to the bottom all fish will see it easier and from greater distances because these spreader bars are the only spreader bars available that uses exclusive super hi-vis ultra-violet  & glow technology. The hi-vis on both arms of the spreader bar increases visibility horizontally and vertically. Adding the Trophy Torch increases the visibility and makes the hi-vis spreader bar even brighter.

UV or Glow Spreader Bars $7.95 Plus $2.00 Shipping
Spreader Bars can be used with Bait or lures & keep your bait or lure away from your mainline and off bottom.
Fully Rigged UV Spreader Bars with Z2 Squids
Z2 Squid Colors Choice
Light & Spreader Bar Options

$25.95 plus $3.95 shipping.


Spreader bar rigged with  9-inch Z2 Squids, #350 Halibut cord, underwater light, Roscoe clip & Evan's corkscrew swivel. This proven setup is designed to reflect the sun's powerful UV rays and has your choice of fish attracting underwater lights. These custom, hand-made spreaders are ready to go except for the weight.
Fully rigged spreader bar with Circle Hook & upside down Double Glow Skirt Squids

Light Choice

Plus $3.95 shipping

Please specify UV or Glow Spreader when completing order. UV is standard.


Size & Colors

Price shown includes shipping costs to anywhere in U.S.

These jigs are super effective on many fish. These jigs give a unique fish attracting articulated action that halibut, lingcod and rockfish can't resist.

Use any fully rigged squid

FAT Head Jig Heads

Work with ANY Fully Rigged FAT Squid or Z2 Squids. Just attach to corkscrew Swivel

16 oz $14.95

12 oz $12.95

8 oz $9.95

3 oz $5.45

Fully Rigged Z2 Squids

Glow Colors

For more squids click Here

Eight colors to choose from at a great low price of just $7.50 plus $1.00 shipping


Z2 Squids Catch Halibut, Lingcod, Rockfish & Many other Sport Fish



Z2 Squids rigged with 9/0 J-hooks. Lifelike, solid body squid pre-rigged with 300 lb. test stainless steel harness & 9/0 stainless J-hook. Scent ball gives option of adding Super Scent. Recommended with Spreader bars. These are just like the B2 Squids.



Fully Rigged FAT Squid with 2 Green chem lights $11.95

The fully rigged FAT Squid comes rigged with heavy duty 350# test stainless rope, two heavy duty 6/0 swivels, heavy duty stainless split ring for easy hook changes, scent ball & 10/0 stainless steel siwash J-hook.

Extra chemical light sticks 2-pack $1.95

Jumbo size 75mm "SUPER BRIGHT" Single Pack Chem Lights

Single Pack $2.50 each


Click Here for Video Description

Fully-rigged FAT Squid have built rattles for noise & vibration, a scent ball, "squid hole" for light & quality stainless rigging with "easy change" hook. Comes standard with 10/0 J-hook.

FAT Squid work great for halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna, dorado, sailfish, marlin and any other gamefish that love squid.   For more FAT Squids click here <<<

Fully rigged FAT Squid come with heavy duty stainless rope, 6/0 swivels, heavy duty stainless split ring & stainless 10/0 J-Hook. Hook can be easily switched. For more FAT Squids Click Here <<<

FAT Squid Colors

These squids work great on 4 to 8 oz lead head jigs


7.5-inch Rigged FAT Squids

$7.50 each

plus $.50 shipping

Great for halibut, lingcod, rockfish, salmon, tuna, yellowtail & more

2-pack Size 39mm Light Sticks $2.00

Click Here for Video Description

FAT Squid


Click here for underwater demonstration of FAT Squid video <<<<


Mini FAT Squids Colors

Each mini FAT Squid comes with a 2-pack of green chemical lights. You can also squirt Super Scent into the light hole to attract fish


Size 25mm Light Stick 2-pack $1.00 + .25 shipping


FAT Squids

$3.50 each + .25

Click here for underwater demonstration of mini FAT Squid video <<<<

Click here for more FAT Squid instruction videos <<<

Skirt Colors

Singles $2.25 plus .25 shipping

Skirt Colors

5-pack of Skirts $10 + 1 S&H

Double Skirts

$2.25 each


5-pack $10.00


Double Skirts Can Be Used for Trolling, Draped Over a J-Hook or Circle Hook or Can Be Used With a Lead Head Jig.

5-Pack or Singles

Double  Skirts work great with Lead Head Jigs.

8, 12, 16 or 24 oz

6-inch fully-rigged Squiddy Squids


These Squid work great for halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna & many other species of fish. You can even troll them behind a flasher or dodger for BIG Chinook salmon!

Mono leaders are heavy duty 100-pound test.


plus $1 shipping

Comes with One, 2-packs of  chemical lights.

You can use the plastic tube included in each light pack to insert the light inside the hollow body of the Squiddy Squid.

6-inch  Squiddy Squids

Fully rigged with dual 7/0 J-hooks


Great for Salmon, Rockfish, Tuna, Trout, Flounder, Halibut, Sole & Any Fish That Eats Squids



Squiddy Squids



.50 Shipping

Hard Head Squids for Halibut & Salmon Trolling

Colors & Sizes


Hard Head Squids




.50 Shipping each

Halibut Fighting Belt


Special price. $12.95 includes free shipping Fighting belt. This fighting belt has a removable gimbal and easy to adjust belt with a quick on off clip. Comes in White.
14-inch Skirts

These skirts can be added to a 16 or 24 oz leadhead jigs

Jig Skirt Colors

Free Shipping to U.S. & Canada

Blue/White | Pink/Black | Clown | Purple/Black | Green/Yellow

Jig Fishing Articles Color Chart

How-to-Fish Pt. Wilson Jigs

2 1/4 ounce Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig

 $6.05 plus $1.50 shipping

3 1/2 ounce Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig

$6.95 plus $1.70 shipping

4 3/4 ounce Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig

$7.95 plus $1.70 shipping

6 ounce Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig

$8.95 plus $2.00 shipping

8 ounce Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig

$9.95 plus $2.00 shipping

$2.99 + $1.00 Shipping 3-foot section of Super Glow or High-Vis UV Tubing. Inside diameter .125. This is great tubing to add to the shank of the hook on the jig.
Super Scent  Freeze Dried Herring 1 ounce Bag


$5.00 plus $1.00 shipping

Super Scent freeze dried herring. One 1 ounce bag will treat 10 dozen herring. Add Super Scent freeze dried herring to your brine. Make it as potent as you want.

Brine Recipe:

3 parts Pickling or Rock Salt

1 part Powdered Milk & 1 spoon Freeze Dried herring

Add one part brine mix to 3 parts water

Hooks, Halibut Clips & Halibut Cord Order Below! For UV & Glow Custom Mono Leaders Visit Brite-Bite Tackle click here <<<
Mustad Quality Hooks
4-pack 13/0 $3.00 plus 1.75 shipping
4-pack 14/0 $3.50 plus 1.75 shipping
3-pack 16/0 $3.75 plus 1.75 shipping
3-pack JUMBO 20/0 circle hooks $5.75 plus $2 shipping
 Heavy Duty Halibut Clips

5-pack $4.00 plus $1.00 shipping These are the very best halibut clips on the market! Formerly called McMahon, they are now Roscoe clips. Size 5, heavy duty for halibut and bottom fishing & other big game fish.
 Corkscrew Swivels


We suggest large for heavy tackle & small for light tackle & too attach to Pt. Wilson Dart jigs for quick changes.

3-pack large $5.50

3-pack medium $5.00

3-pack small $4.75

plus $1.00 shipping

3-Pack Sizes & Prices

Free Shipping

Ball Bearing Corkscrew Swivels

These swivels are top quality ball bearing swivels

Ex-small -50 lb

Small - 65 lb

Med - 85 lb

Large - 100 lb


$2.99 plus $.50 Cents shipping & handling

Glow in the dark thimbles

for monofilament fishing line up to #600 pound test. These thimbles glow and give anglers an edge when fishing deep waters for halibut and other bottom-fish.

12-Pack $2.49 plus $.50 Cents shipping & handling
Glow in the dark fishing beads.

 These beads can be used for hundreds of uses and glow super bright. The inside diameter hole is large enough for monofilament line up to #600 pound test or halibut cord.






Monofilament can be doubled over with the large size crimps


Aluminum Crimps         7 Sizes
1.5mm for 80 to 150 pound test
1.7mm for 125 to 150 pound test
2.0mm for 200 to 250 pound test
2.6mm for 400 to 600 pound test
2.8mm for 500 to 700 pound test
3.1mm for 600 to 800 pound test
3.3mm for 800 to 1,000 pound test
10-Pack $1.49 to $2.49 plus $.50 Cents Shipping & Handling
Ball Bearing Swivels with welded split rings Nickel finish
Image Lb. Test Size Qty Price
Photo: P2BB 30 2 3 $3.49 Plus $1.00 Shipping
Photo: P3BB 40 3 3 $3.49 Plus $1.00 Shipping
Photo: P4BB 85 4 2
 Corkscrew Swivels


We suggest large for heavy tackle & small for light tackle & too attach to Pt. Wilson Dart jigs for quick changes.

3-pack large $5.50

3-pack small $4.75

plus $1.00 shipping

$3.49 Plus $1.00 Shipping
 << Select These quality swivels work great in all fisheries.

We can now accept credit card phone orders! (206) 999-3474