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Issue #2          May 2003

B.C. Sells Fishing Licenses Online

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B.C. Sells Licenses Online
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Vancouver B.C. – Fishing in British Columbia’s salt water fishery just got easier with the introduction of an Internet-based license sales web site. In years past any angler who wanted to fish in British Columbia’s tidal waters had to physically go to British Columbia to purchase a fishing license. That task proved difficult for anglers who simply wanted to fish B.C.’s water’s from Washington State. Neah Bay, for instance, has a strong contingent of halibut charter boats that routinely offer “B.C. halibut trips.” After booking one of these halibut charters anglers would first have to drive into B.C. to buy their license before being able to go on the charter. This usually required considerable planning and time. Now anglers can log onto the Fisheries Oceans Canada website, click on “Apply for a License” enter their data, pay with a credit card and print out a valid license that can be used immediately. The new online process will also make it much easier for anglers who cross the border with their own boats or who plan charters with Canadian guides and lodges. The connivance of the online sales site will enable anglers to save time and know they are legal to fish even before entering B.C. Finding a license dealer who’s open at dawn or dusk or finding a parking place while towing a boat won’t be a hassle any longer with the new system. There wont’ be any extra fee to use the new system according to DFO and anglers will not have to wait for anything to arrive by mail. Simply apply over the Internet, pay by credit card, print the license and go fishing. Residents and non-residents will be allowed to purchase licenses. “We are hoping that our non-resident anglers will find this new approach particularly convenient when trip planning,” explains the message on the website. Anglers under 16 and reduced-rate seniors will also be able to apply for the tidal license and print them out immediately. British Columbia is also developing a freshwater Internet licensing site, but doesn’t have a date when it will be available. They say as soon as it is online they will provide a hotlink from their tidal water licensing site. To purchase a British Columbia tidal fishing license go to: 

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