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Introducing the 10-inch FAT Squid

Designed & Developed by John L. Beath

Special Introductory Price will ship first week of April

Fully-Rigged FAT Squids $10.95 with 2 green chem lights


Fully-Rigged FAT Squids $15.95 with LED battery-operated green light stick


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Unrigged FAT Squids below can ship now

$12.50 with LED Light Stick




$7.50  with 2 chemical lights


The FAT Squid is the finest squid lure available today. It has an extra large mantle, bright pink/black eye and a slim waist to give the FAT Squid extra action in the current.

A specially designed plastic rigging tube is molded into the squid to make it easy to rig with whatever leader you choose. A built in rattle gives off an enticing noise that brings fish closer and drives them crazy and into a biting frenzy. The FAT Squid also has a special "Squid Hole" for an LED battery-operated light stick or chemical light. Insert the light into the squid and it lights it up from the inside out. When fished in deep waters the FAT Squid is extra bright, alluring and attracts fish from greater distances.

During my field testing over a two year period, the FAT Squid never failed to get slammed hard by halibut, lingcod & rockfish. While I have not used it on other species, I'm sure it will also work well on tuna, swordfish, sailfish, marlin and many other species of fish. Any fish that eats squid will love the FAT Squid!

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Fully rigged FAT Squids come in 9 fish attracting colors. Colors include: Natural, Pink Champagne, 3X Glow, UV, Pearl White, Rootbeer Float, Orange/Glow, Pink/Glow & Mean Green.

The fully rigged FAT Squid comes rigged with heavy duty 350# test stainless rope, two heavy duty 6/0 swivels, heavy duty stainless split ring for easy hook changes, scent ball & 10/0 stainless steel siwash J-hook.



Fully rigged FAT Squid will soon be available. Halibut.net will also be offering LED light sticks and chemical light sticks. Keep watching for these new products at halibut.net